The Music


Dr. Nat and Rio Ritmo band demo mp3’s

Guantanamera   [SND] Guantanamera demo

Chan Chan [SND] chanchanband

Fragile [SND]Fragile

Maria Maria [SND] mariamariaband

Candela [SND] candela

Bamboleo [SND]Bamboleo mix.2

Suavemente [SND] suavemente

Solo demo mp3’s

Back to Honopo       Honopo 9-17 best mix     Timbafied version of the Maui song “Back To Honopo” dedicated to Eric Gilliom

I Won’t Give Up        IWontGiveUp        solo voice and guitar cover of Jason Mraz ballad

Agua de Beber [SND]Agua de Beber mix slow samba with background tracks

Waiting in Vain  [SND] WaitingInVain slow samba with background tracks in English

Year of the Cat [SND] Year of the Cat copy cha cha version of the seventies’ classic

Mayeya [SND] Mayeya guaguanco/son  with background tracks

Bamboleo [SND] bamboleo07 the favorite gypsy song Solo guitar and voice

Besame Mucho [SND]besamemucho Old cuban standard bolero with Solo guitar and voice

Chan Chan [SND] chanchanmp a Cuban standard in the Changui/son style with background tracks
Cielito Lindo [SND] cielitolindo07 Solo guitar and voice doing the classic Mexican folkloric anthem
Que Bueno Baila Ud. [SND] quebuenobaila standard salsa with background tracks
To Really Love a Woman [SND] reallyloveawoman the standard with Solo guitar and voice
Rocket Man [SND] rocketman Solo guitar and voice doing the Sir Elton classic
Stand By Me [SND] stand by me the classic in the Bachata style with background tracks

Original demos

[SND] eleven eleven

The Clash fan homage

Spanish Bombs [SND] SpanishBombs

Hammersmith Pallais [SND] Hammersmith bass

Curandera 2000  CD samples

Cool Vibes Maui    [SND] coolvibes

Curandera     [SND] curandera

Makena Lullaby     [SND] makena

More Than Friends More Than Lovers    [SND] morethan

Muita Saudade de Voçe Bahia    [SND] muitasaudade

Pali Ku       [SND] paliku

Remaining Possible    [SND] remaining

el Rio Ritmo      [SND] rioritmo

el Tumbao de Makawao     [SND] tumbaodemakawao

The Way Again     [SND] wayagain