Rio Ritmo

Dr. Nat performs with his 5-8 piece band, Rio Ritmo on Maui, Hawaii. The band was formed by Dr. Nat in the summer of 1998. With Rio Ritmo, Dr. Nat plays primarily Afro Latin and Brazilian dance music in Spanish, Portuguese and English. The rhythmic styles include Salsa, Son, Latin Pop, Bachata, Merengue, Cumbia, Boogaloo, 6/8, Cha Cha, Bolero, Gypsy rumba, Samba, Samba reggae, Bossa Nova and the newer Cuban salsa style called “Timba” fusing funk, Afro-cuban, jazz and hip hop elements into the salsa.

The Rio Ritmo band can and will play other genre songs pending the event.  The other styles include Reggae, Jazz, Pop, rock and Contemporary.

Rio Ritmo 1998


Dr. Nat and Rio Ritmo 1999 Casanova Nightclub

Rio Ritmo 2000

rio ritmo new years 2001

Rio Ritmo new year’s 2001-2002 Marilyn Monroe House

Rio Ritmo 2004




Rio Ritmo Kauai May 2004

Rio Ritmo 2006

Rio Ritmo 2007

Rio Ritmo Kauai ’07 Enchanted Evening at Princeville

Dr. Nat overtop Washington Square Park at NYU 07/07

Dr. Nat and Rio Ritmo 2009







Dr. Nat and Rio Ritmo fashionistas 2009

Dr. Nat and Rio Ritmo with Dr. Dubismo Poipu Kauai 2010

Nat in Poipu 2010

Soul brother and mentor Trevor Salloum w/ Rio Ritmo 2/2010 @ Casanova



Dr. Nat with Rio Ritmo at Manao Radio Mardi Gras Party at Stella Blues Kihei 2012

2012…new era … year of the dragon





Dr. Nat and Rio Ritmo 1st Friday Wailuku 2014




Dr. Nat and Rio Ritmo 2015 Seabury Hall Craft Fair


rioritmowmaggie2016Dr. Nat and Rio Ritmo with Maggie Coulombe at 2016 Makena Resort Fashion Show


Rio Ritmo 2016 Montessori


Rio Ritmo 2017 New Year’s




Dr. Nat and Rio Ritmo Casanova Nightclub 2017


Rio Ritmo Whale Day 2017 with horn section and dancers





Rio Ritmo 2017 with 3 piece horn section