If you would like to be notified by email when Dr. Nat / Rio Ritmo is performing please send a message to nat@maui.net or use the contact form..  Your email address will remain confidential

Dr. Nat deejaying Manao radio second saturdays of each month on the guest artist slot 10 am to 2 pm.  dial in at 91.5 fm or on the web at www.manaoradio.com
(to date Dr. Nat and Rio Ritmo has the longest run in the Casanova’s history having played consecutive fridays beginning in 1998 and running through 2003 and has played the most total number of performances in the history of the club for any band.)BOOKING AND CONTACTING DR. NATDr. Nat can be reached for booking at (808) 572-9536 or cell (808) 870 6146 or you can contact him through e-mail at nat@maui.net [or the form below]. He is available for conventions and hotel functions as well. Clients with entertainment agents, please do booking through them.THOUGH RIO RITMO MOST TYPICALLY PERFORMS AS A 6 PIECE BAND, (guitar, piano, bass, congas, drums/timbales, trumpet) DR. NAT IS AVAILABLE AS A SOLO, DUET, TRIO OR VARYING ENSEMBLES UP TO 8 OR 9 PIECE BANDS DEPENDING UPON THE EVENT.

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