HOLA Y ALOHA! Happy Holidays!!!

Dr. Nat and Rio Ritmo will be hosting                               Latin Nights @ Heritage Hall into the new year!     (except dec. 14th)

  This friday (today) Lasensua will be performing an AfroLatin Jazz dance with Lisanna Gabriel, Chandra Krown and Maija Salma at the break! Lasensua teaches Salsa on monday nites at Makawao Union Church and AfroLatin dance on tuesday nights at Makawao Union Church both at 6 pm.

Lisanna Gabriel teaches a Heels class on Wednesday nights at Maui Yoga Shala at 6 pm.

Come on time at 8:00 for the intro to salsa lesson included in the cover


Cheryl and her Juice/smoothie truck will NOT be on site for fresh non-alcoholic drinks tonight…She will be back when we return Dec. 21st however!

 You can bring your own alcohol but none available for sale.  cover is $10 and those under 18 $5.

Also if you want to ring in the new year in Paia with Dr. Nat and Rio Ritmo come to Heritage Hall on Dec. 31st from 9:30 pm to 12:30 am to bring in 2019 dancing! 




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  visit dr. nat’s youtube channel,  maui vibe to view demos at http://drnat.com/musician/media/videos/ ….

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Salsa Class schedule

big mahalo to Bill and Bobbie Best who hosted me on their KAKU 88.5 FM radio talk show at 11 am on tuesdays and thursdays.  It was fun and a nice way to visit with a great couple of Mauians and even play a couple of songs live.  I will post more on this later but you can also go to the AKAKU website for their library of interviews to watch it!

Here’a great link for a write up in Maui Magazine on Bill Best  …da Bes’!  mahalo you guys!


Bill Berk KAOI Maui

Bill Best



















For fans of the Dr. Nat radio program second saturdays on Manao Hana Hou radio after 12 years I will be taking a sabbatical from the airwaves.  I thank you those of you who encouraged me to continue these years and gave me an audience to play my favorite artists on my favorite radio station.  I hope I will return to the airwaves sometime in the future but a redirection was due and I will focus my energy in other endeavors for a while. Mahalo, Grazie, Gracias, Merci, Obrigado …thank you ….Mana Hana Hou ohana….and you the listener!



Dr. Nat overtop Washington Square Park at NYU 07/0


Dr. Nat is a vocalist, guitarist, percussionist, dancer, capoeirista, composer, actor, radio dj and producer. Born in Buenos Aires to Chilean and U.S. American parents, Nat’s music reflects his cultural heritage as well. Blends of cross global polyrythmic styles comprise Nat’s original repertoire of compositions. Nat’s extensive travels through the Caribbean and Central and South America have infused his songs with a spicy river of rhythms (birthplace of “Rio Ritmo “) His songs resonate from the Islands with Afro Cuban rumba, timba, and son rhythms, Jamaican reggae and Brazilian sambas and capoeira grooves, as well as lush harmony, Hawaiian-inspired ballads… irresistible dance grooves to hypnotic lullabies. They take the listener on a voyage into the world of sound and rhythm with Chilean charangos, Brazilian berimbaus and Cuban Tres all woven together with Nat’s dynamic tenor vocals. A healer, his themes reflect upon this life’s journey and his love for the Great Mystery. They are commentary on healing, self-discovery, consciousness and love. His songs express the joy of this journey through insightful and inspiring, sometimes humorous and bluesy lyrics. Ultimately, Nat’s Doctor is the music which transmits via universal translation- Aloha.


Dr. Nat performs with his 6 piece band, Rio Ritmo, on Maui, Hawaii. The band was formed by Dr. Nat in the summer of 1998. With Rio Ritmo, Dr. Nat sings primarily Afro Latin and Brazilian dance music in Spanish, Portuguese and English. The rhythmic styles include Salsa, Son, Latin Pop, Rumba, Merengue, Cumbia, Boogaloo, 6/8, Cha Cha, Bolero, Gypsy rumba, Samba, Samba reggae, Bossa Nova and the newer Cuban salsa style called “Timba” fusing funk, Afro-cuban, jazz and hip hop elements into the salsa.

The Rio Ritmo band can and will play other genre songs pending the event. The other styles include Reggae, Jazz, Pop rock and Contemporary.

Dr. Nat will no longer be deejaying Manao Hana Hou radio second Saturdays of each month. After deejaying with Manao Radio for about 12 years a sabbatical was taken.

Note: to date Dr. Nat and Rio Ritmo has the longest run in the Casanova’s history having played consecutive Fridays beginning in 1998 and running through 2003 and has played the most total number of performances in the history of the club for any band.