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1.  Turn off your phone

2.  Remove jewelry

3. As a courtesy to others please refrain from strong or unnatural fragrances or perfumes.

4.  You may need to remove articles of clothing because of the use of oils, lotions or gels.

5.  Discuss what you need to tell Dr. Ehrlich at the beginning of your session and then focus on your body.  If you have other health questions that may pertain to different matters discuss them with the Doctor while he is charting your history, not when you are being worked on.

6.  Once you are on the table and ready for your treatment attenuate your breath.  Refrain from lifting or turning your head or other regions and try to control any reflex bracing that may be in response to parts of your body that are being palpated.  Keep encouraging your body’s deepening unwinding with your deepening breathing.  Oxygenate your body completely while on the table and allow the Doctor to palpate the areas of holding and/or contracture.  Feel free to communicate what comes up for you as emotions often come up or you may remember a trauma to an area of the body which was revealed only as a result of the therapy.  The Doctor may ask you questions while the work is being done, but try to remain relaxed throughout discussion that may take place.

7.  When the doctor is done with the session you may be cooled off with cold packs to allow for a flush.  After a few minutes of this you may get dressed.