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Testimonial Videos


“I had the wonderful experience of working with Dr. Nat while preparing for the Xterra World Championships in Maui.  I came to the island with a bad rib and back pain which was quickly and painlessly relieved by a series of perineural injections.  The accuracy and attention to detail that Dr. Nat had is something I rarely experience.  As a result I was able to compete pain-free during the event and achieve 2nd place!  Thanks for your support!”  

Lesley Paterson 3x Xterra World Champion (with Braveheart Coaching)

Lesley Paterson sharing her experience with Prolotherapy on her hip and low back one week before winning the Xterra World Championship on Maui October 2018


Nabil giving a report on his shoulder after receiving PRP therapy


Dr. Ehrlich giving some context to the inflammatory process as it pertains to acute injury and regenerative medicine


Video of Sheila giving testimonial for her Plantar fasciitis in 2012

Video testimonial by Amanda for her experience with the PRP facial rejuvenation performed by Dr. Nathan Ehrlich. 


Video made by Nakoa DeCoite Maui Big Wave Surfer for Lumbar spine annular tear/disc injury PRP treatment


Dr. Nathan Ehrlich PRP talk


Testimonial from Ami for his experience with adipose derived cell therapy for his knee

Testimonial from Lorenzo for knee PRP treatment

Testimonial from Suzy for Cervical spine PRP treatment


Testimonial from Mike for elbow PRP treatment

Testimonial from Dan for Cervical spine PRP treatment

Testimonial from Kathy for Shoulder PRP treatment